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About Us

Meet our Founder, Nick Hardman

2006 - MSc Nano Electronics with Nano Mechanics 2005 - BSc Cybernetics with Virtual Worlds

Nick is an interesting character renowned for standing out in the crowd, in part due to having had bright blue hair ...for 5 years.

He studied BSc Artificial Intelligence, BSc Cybernetics and MSc Nano Technology from 2001 to 2006, and was awarded a Masters with Merit, a First Class Honours degree, and an award for the best industrial placement student.

His career path is equally as interesting which goes to demonstrate that with a hard work, focus and determination you can go a long way.

It has grown from stacking apples on a market stall and fixing leaks on factory roof tops in the holidays, to flying around the world programming commercial robots and performing IT consultation for one of the biggest players in the Aerospace industry.

As he stepped up the career ladder he realised that the world is full of red tape, which inhibits creativity and holds people back.

Think Photon Limited was born on his 30th birthday to honestly run business without the constraints of red tape enabling a closer working relationship with customers to improve operational effectiveness.